Goals set on Stones


So, I stopped drawing, painting, and clay sculpting for a year (I think). And here I am back at it again. I’m not sure if I became terrible or I improved. So here are a few of my recent art works.


The first one is a “Tonberry” a creature in the video game franchise Final Fantasy. The second one is a drawing of Edward Scissorhands. The third one is more of a fantasy creature that I based off of a tiger.


In the 3rd art work you can see my experimentation on stippling which I have grown fond off. I like how it gives a kind of texture to a drawing.

So, you might be wondering: “what’s up with the title?” Well, these drawings are one of the many steps I’ll take to achieve that one GOAL that I spend every night visualizing. I wont just be posting drawings but also essays about certain topics that I hope would educate or at least draw people’s attention.


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