Every wednesday and saturdays we would have our class in IT. We would be told to do a couple of activities using microsoft excel or access. We would do about 200 bytes worth of exercise. We would follow all his instruction and think of almost 50 names just to fill in the cells. Once we are done he would tell us to print out our work and we would wonder: Isn’t our computer linked to his own. And all he need to do is click on his network browser and check our works but no, he wants a hard copy maybe because he doesn’t really know how to utilize resources.

Then on the day that he told us our grades, 80% of the class got exactly 2.50 and the rest got 2.25. We all wondered: We did all what he wanted, followed his rules and requirements, and go to class every wednesday and saturdays. Because of this some might have felt weak or worthless. They might believe that their best is no even close to good. Or is it the professor who was wrong. The one who didn’t really cared for his students. The so called ”Educator” who in reality is really a destroyer of dreams. Somebody whose job is to inspire his students but did the exact opposite. If this is what school has to offer. If this is what our parents want us to do. If this is what society means about being educated… Is it really worth it?


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