Goals set on Stones


So, I stopped drawing, painting, and clay sculpting for a year (I think). And here I am back at it again. I’m not sure if I became terrible or I improved. So here are a few of my recent art works.


The first one is a “Tonberry” a creature in the video game franchise Final Fantasy. The second one is a drawing of Edward Scissorhands. The third one is more of a fantasy creature that I based off of a tiger.


In the 3rd art work you can see my experimentation on stippling which I have grown fond off. I like how it gives a kind of texture to a drawing.

So, you might be wondering: “what’s up with the title?” Well, these drawings are one of the many steps I’ll take to achieve that one GOAL that I spend every night visualizing. I wont just be posting drawings but also essays about certain topics that I hope would educate or at least draw people’s attention.


The Stone Called Pride

movie curtains


I once read somewhere the phrase: “Pride is the stone over which ┬ámany people stumble.” I remember saying to myself that: “Well, to some, it’s the rock in which they stand tall.” I remember believing that pride is not such a bad thing. That it can be used as a weapon to achieve our goals and fend off critics. Well, I still believe that there is a little bit of truth into that but I recently learned that it is a double-edged blade, a big gun with a heck of a recoil.

All of us feel pride. When we accomplish goals and surpass our own expectations. And this is good, it fills us up and motivates us further to do and be more. But a downside to this is overconfidence, which is the result of pride. We feel superior, which clouds our perception and sends us to an inevitable conclusion, the “stumble”.The stumble, I define it as an event which ends in a tragedy. Pride of course is the root of all this and only recently was I enlightened into this truth.

I became overconfident, refusing to study in the midst of the midterm exams. I was so full of myself, thinking that I have it all under control. Then, the crimson curtain of life was set aside and the tragic play began. I stood there, eyes gazing into the horizon, mind floating in the void. No memories, no ideas, no visions. I was in shock, My thought process malfunctioned. I was trying to remember, trying to go back in time and perceive things clearly. But I was too late, I have stumbled over a stone and now I have to live with the consequence no matter how tragic…

In the Distance



Darkness grows ever in the distance

As silence looms the starless skies.

Trees shiver in endless subsistence,

I watched as eternity fell incise.